Masterplanning Theme Parks

Whitewater World Species Masterplan

Themepark Masterplan

Following on from the Dreamworld Precinct Masterplan that identified distinctive landscape characters for various precincts, the addition of Whitewater World adjacent to Dreamworld Theme Park provided an opportunity to create both a contrast and synergy with the park themes.

The intention was to provide a Plant Species Masterplan for the Waterpark which will guide future species selection within the various precincts and attractions within the park and also provide a long term planning document for implementing new species within the sites.

Each attraction has a distinctive character and this character is enhanced and strengthened through landscape treatments, elements and species selection. All species required local authority approval and were selected based on their long term performance, availability and history of use over the adjacent Dreamworld theme park.

Aims and Objectives were;

  • Provide a Plant Species Masterplan to guide future plant selection in the Waterpark;
  • Create a distinct planting palette for each precinct keeping in mind the underlying theme of Australian Beach Culture;
  • To complement the new architecture and theme of each attraction and assist in creating distinct and identifiable precincts;
  • Create visual impact through plant species selection and arrangement;
  • Enhance the theatre of individual precincts and enhance the overall strong character requirements.
  • Meet local authority and local vegetation specification requirements.