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The Claw

The Claw - Landscape Architecture

‘The Claw’ is located in the Beach Themed Precinct at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. The landscape design is based on principles developed within Citicene's plant species Masterplan developed for the Dreamworld Theme park.

Citicene were engaged to deliver Concept and Construction drawings for the landscape component of this thrill ride. The design included species selections, pavement selection and themed outdoor furniture coordination with the theme consultant.

Professional services delivered for this project included:

  • Schematic Design and Landscape Character Development including the Entire Beach Themed Precinct
  • Detailed Design and Contract Documentation for Tender and Construction
  • Construction Supervision and Professional Advice during Construction.

This exciting ride is located at the beginning of the beach themed precinct which extends along the Western side of Dreamworld. Species were chosen based on their character, form, hardiness and  local availability.

The signature plant specimen is the Screw Pine (Pandanus pedunculatus) which is commonly found along the coastline of the Gold Coast. Other species include Pig Face (Carpobrotus glaucescens) which is also commonly found along beaches of the Gold Coast.

Client: Dreamworld
Builder: Dreamworld