Roche Road Solar Farm Landscape Architecture

Roche Road Photovoltaic Solar Farm

Roche Road Solar PV Park is just on the outer edge of Pittsworth, and is approximately 40
kilometres from Toowoomba.

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Roche Road Solar PV Park is just on the outer edge of Pittsworth approximately 40 
kilometres from Toowoomba.

This renewable energy facility is 1 square kilometre and includes an existing waterway and wetlands buffer that extends through the site and a bush fire buffer zone along the most 
northern section of the site to reduce
potential hazards to neighbouring

Citicene delivered a range of landscape architectural services for this facility including a Visual Impact Assessment detailing the impact of the proposed development on the rural character and amenity.

This identified the impacts on the viewsheds from sensitive receivers and public spaces.


P.O. Box 1242
16 Creek Road
Mount Gravatt, QLD, 4122
Queensland, Australia


Email: Brisbane Office:
Phone: +61 7 3161 6420
Toowoomba Office:
Phone: +61 7 4698 7006