Residential Subdivision

Stoneleigh Reserve

Lendlease engaged Citicene to assist in the delivery of the landscape component of Stoneleigh Residential Sub-division at Loganlea.

This large development is positioned on the side of a waterway corridor and as a result includes a significant amount of outdoor space recreational opportunities for users and residents.

The landscape design incorporates:

  • Numerous parks including play equipment, barbeques, seating and a strong ‘farmyard’ theme. * Designed by Lendlease
  • Walkways and footpaths throughout the development
  • Shade trees to streetscapes
  • Large bio-filtration devices incorporated into the parkland and landscape
  • Football fields, Entry Statements and a small stormwater retention basin lake

Citicene assisted Lendlease throughout the detailed documentation and Council approval Stage.

Client: Lendlease