Residential Subdivision

Golf Links Estate

Golf Links Residential Subdivision

Golf Links Estate is a residential sub-division in Weipa - Australia's far North. Weipa is the largest town on the Gulf of Carpentaria coast of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia.

This residential community was developed by Rio-Tinto and Citicene were commissioned to deliver Landscape Architectural approvals through the local authority, landscape design and advice.

Some of the aims and objectives of the landscape included:

  • enhancement of the streetscape character through the planting of street trees in accordance with the local authority requirements
  • stabilization of drainage corridors using environmentally sound strategies
  • provision of durable playground facilities to the local park for residents
  • enhancement of the site frontage through strategically placed vegetation
  • enhancement of pedestrian connectivity throughout the site including walking circuit footpaths for residents.

Citicene delivered landscape architectural advice for various stages of this residential sub-division.

Client: Rio Tinto
Engineer: Lambert & Rehbein

Golf Links Estate