Residential Apartments

Richmond Apartments

Richmond Apartments by BHC – Creating Liveable Communities - is located in the rapidly developing suburb of Bowen Hills just north of Brisbane’s CBD. This 8 level newly built mixed tenure project required some additional landscape in the form of mature plant specimens and contemporary planter selections.

Container Connection and Quatro Design provided planters under the guidance of Citicene Landscape Architects. The aim of the design exercise was to:

  • embellish a number of communal spaces and entry points;
  • break up the diverse material use both inside and out;
  • add colour and texture through plant species selection;
  • soften built form with additional pseudo 'green wall' climbers.

The adequate sizes of the planters selected contribute to the longevity of the plants, therefore reducing long-term maintenance costs. A range of plants were selected based on foliage colour, hardiness and tolerance of low light and included;

  • Native Ginger (ALPINEA caerulea);
  • Rojo Congo Philodendron (PHILODENDRON ‘Rojo Congo’);
  • Canna Lilies (CANNA Spp.);
  • Lady Palm(RAPHIS excelsa).

Planters were positioned to soften hard spaces, signify entry points, embellish communal spaces and provide interest at every level of the development. Impact was achieved through the foliage colour and character of the specimen plants while the colour range of the planters remained consistent across all building levels. This ensured they fitted seamlessly with the original building design.

Not only providing aesthetic benefits, indoor plants play a vital role in improving our living and working spaces by enhancing these environments in which we move, work or relax. Research shows that indoor plants can improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants, as well as producing oxygen. The planters provided for this project made a positive impact on the overall building amenity. The result is a number of communal spaces that are more attractive to the Residents of Richmond, Bowen Hills.

Client: BHC – Creating Liveable Communities