Jiangxi Jinggang Shan Masterplan

In conjunction with axrdesign, Citicene were engaged to develop preliminary Masterplans for this development in China.

The Landscape Vision Statement is;

“To provide an attractive natural development strongly intertwined with the existing environment, creating an equal balance and tranquility between man and nature. The landscape is to enhance and protect the surrounding natural environment.”

The site was divided into two precincts – Baiyinghu a commercial hub and Liping a hotel and conference hub.

Overall design principles included positioning these two centers in the natural environment and creating central hubs which spread their influence through the valley via the existing landform of the waterway corridor.

Liping – Hotel and Conference Hub
The hotel and conference centre were to be nestled in their natural environment as the existing terrain allowed. There were opportunities to enhance and protect existing valuable waterway and ‘green’ corridors. Further to this, landform allowed opportunities to create a terrace effect in and around all buildings which terminates at the lowest point – the lake. These terraces gave excellent opportunities to define intimate landscapes that 'spill' down and intertwine amongst the built form.

Baiyinghu – Commercial Hub
The core of the site is defined by a large open plaza structure over the river. The plaza is intended to be a robust space, capable of being used for varied gatherings. A high shelter structure provides cover. The areas between the buildings are defined by pedestrian circulation spaces. The design follows the form of the buildings to create arbours and tree lined walkways and lanes. Small urban pockets are also created between these and the buildings.