Grand County, China

Grand County

Grand County is a large residential project located in China. Citicene were engaged to deliver Design Development services for this large project.

The garden is to be an oasis for residents to reflect the natural landscape.  It will be as close to nature as possible. Although created by man, it will appear to have been created by nature.  Utilising water and rock as the main materials, creating a natural water-body with surrounding planting, pavilions, sculptures and other landscape features, the garden will be a place of tranquility.

The garden spaces are centered around water bodies with fountains, rockery waterfalls and pavilions.  The inclusion of flowing water is important.  Timber bridges across the water are to provide access around the gardens and provide viewing platforms to other parts of the site.

Shade trees will make the garden a pleasant place for people to enjoy throughout the day.  Feature flowering trees will welcome people into the gardens and provide colour throughout the development.

Built structures will reflect the modern design on the apartment buildings, but sensitive to the natural character of the gardens.  Seating and picnic tables will be provided throughout the development.  Larger pavilions will provide multi-functional possibilities for groups of people.

An informal amphitheater carved into a hill will also provide a gathering and performance space, while acting as a landscape feature of the garden.  High quality finishes throughout the gardens will reflect the quality of the villas. The landscape will harmoniously integrate passive recreation areas of the gardens with the active facilities such as swimming pool, basketball court, badminton field and open lawn areas.

Client: The Lanhai International (BlueSea Environment Design Ltd)