Luxury Homes

Private Residence Carindale

Landscape Design Render

This luxury home is located adjacent to a golf course so the rear outlook of the home is directly onto a natural vegetated corridor. Citicene were engaged to deliver a range of landscape architectural services including Concept Design, Documentation and 3 Dimensional representation of the end product.

Low maintenance was a priority for the owners of this property so the plant palette is minimal with textures maximized through the pavement and hard finishes. A 'putting green' is strategically located at the rear of the property, while substantial level changes where accommodated with a cantilevered deck.

Citicene delivered;

  • design advice and resolution of the rear yard including the substantial deck and associated landscape space
  • integration with the swimming pool and putting green
  • 'hard' landscape works including retaining walls, pavement, stairs and some ramps
  • Schematic design and documentation services for tender and construction.
  • General landscape advice during construction.

The stunning swimming pool was part of the integrated Architect's design and constructed by Majestic Pools. Learn more about Majestic Pools at this link.

Species selection includes feature Screw Pines (PANDANUS pedunculatus) and a range of drought tolerant and maintenance free plants. These are:

  • Pig Face (CARPOBROTUS glaucescens);
  • Imperial Bromeliad (ALCANTAREA imperialis);
  • Cousin It (CASUARINA glauca);
  • Blue Curls Echevaria (ECHEVERIA x Blue Curls)
  • Grass Tree (XANTHORRHOEA johnsonii).

Other features of the garden included fruit trees and these are:

  • Meyer Lemon (CITRUS x limon `Meyer`)
  • Paw Paw (CARICA papaya)
  • Persian Lime Tree (CITRUS x aurantiifolia `Tahiti`).

The result is a landscape that meets the Client's expectations, complements the Architecture of the home while providing a space for enjoyment, pleasure and entertainment.