Ipswich Strategic Streetscape Masterplan

As part of a Strategic Streetscape initiative, Ipswich City Council are upgrading a number of primary roadway corridors into the region. Commissioned by Ipswich City Council, Citicene were engaged to deliver landscape architectural services for these key roadway corridors.

These corridors included:

  • Brisbane Road at Bundamba which is a major entry point into Ipswich,
  • Kruger Parade Intersection,
  • Warwick Road Intersection,
  • Carole Park Streetscape City Entry,
  • Haigslea Town Entry,
  • Mount Crosby Road Intersection,
  • Tivoli Streetscape.

The Masterplanning process was to identify opportunities for appropriate landscape treatments and elements to these important roads to be integrated with the existing constraints such as local businesses, traffic conditions or natural features of the land along each corridor.

Landscape treatments include;

  • street trees,
  • street furniture,
  • feature pavements,
  • other signifying elements such as flagpoles,
  • local pocket park enhancements,
  • safety considerations.

Design for this project is in accordance with stringent Main Roads requirements including setbacks for vegetation and safety vehicle barriers to allow for clear sightlines and vehicle safety zones.

Client: Ipswich City Council