PCYC Nerang

PCYC Nerang - Landscape Architecture
PCYC Nerang - Landscape Architecture
PCYC Nerang - Perspective of Recreational Component of Masterplan

As part of upgrade works to the Nerang Police Citizens Youth Club, Citicene were commissioned to produce a Landscape Masterplan to establish principles and priorities that convey intent, goals, and provide direction for subsequent design stages of the project.

Landscape strategies were established in close consultation with the PCYC management and the primary aim was to establish an outdoor recreational area that is a vibrant and multi-functional environment for prospective users of varying ages.

Principles of Nature-Based Play were to take precedence in the construction of outdoor recreational areas providing an interactive play experience. A variety of strategies were implemented ranging from use of the natural topography through to appropriate selection of species indigenous to the area.

Providing a multi-sensory experience for children inter-twined with outdoor recreation  promotes healthy living which is evermore important in today's current environment of online entertainment.

Client: PCYC Nerang